Writing an eCommerce Product Description

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The world of online shopping is at our fingertips and we can make quick purchases in a matter of seconds. Sales can be made just as quick. You can take your business to an entire new level by going online. With more businesses turning to eCommerce it does consequently mean more competition. We’re here to help you stand out from your competitors with advice from experts from the industry with your product description.

Create customer profiles

Customer Profiles for eCommerce Product descriptions

Segment your audience and really understand who your products are aimed at. Creating customer profiles is very useful, because they can be used for many different purposes in the future, like social media campaigns or newsletters. By getting to grips with your audience, therefore means you can better understand what details they would look for in a product description.

Include specifics in your eCommerce Product descriptions

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Include specific details. Your customers will be grateful to know as much as possible about their purchase. Include sizing charts, measurements, materials etc. You can even show this visually with infographics, which are, evidently, extremely helpful for visualising measurements. By being upfront and transparent about details in this manner, you can therefore reduce your returns rate considerably as there will be no misconceptions about your products. Take the extra time to write a detailed description or infographics and therefore save yourself money and time that would be wasted on returns.

Search engine optimisation

SEO eCommerce product descriptions

List your keywords. Get noticed using keywords, when a potential customer types them into a search bar. Ranking higher than your competitors on search engines is a sure fire way of beating your competitors and in turn boosting your sales rate. There are many websites out there to generate key words lists too. You’ll want to maintain readability though, as too many key words can decrease readability and search engines will lower your ranking in response. Balance is key.

Honesty is the best policy.

Product photos eCommerce description

Emphasise your product’s unique selling points, but it is also important not to get carried away. Over exerting what your product does in its description can encourage buyers to buy your product. However, it also can lead to customers misunderstanding what your product can do; that will cost your business in the long run. Not only can exaggerating your product can damage the trust between your business and your customers. In addition, misleading your customers can lead to returns, which costs you precious time and money.
You must highlight any damage or faults in your product descriptions and images if you sell second-hand products. Second-hand buyers will be aware that products could be damaged. As a result, we recommend being transparent about your product as it will positively affect the number of sales you receive and highlight how trustworthy you are as a seller.
If you’re selling clothes, for example, inform your customers about what sizes of a particular product are available. Your customers are likely to shop with you again if they don’t have any issues with your product and need to return what they purchase.

Show and Tell

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Images are the first thing your potential customers will see and evidently will often be the decider of whether they continue on to read your perfectly crafted description. The description can be rendered useless without good photography to grab initial attention. You’ll want to weigh up budget on whether hiring a professional or purchasing equipment to shoot your own photos.

Learn more about professional product photography advice here.

Unique Selling Points

Showcase those unique selling points. Is your product innovative? Do you use sustainable materials/manufacturing processes? What features does your product have that competitors haven’t? Convince your audience that they are missing out if they don’t purchase from you. Bullet point what makes your product special.

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Layout and Grammar

Utilise sites like Grammarly for a professional finish to your descriptions. Good grammar and spelling will make you appear much more professional. Unprofessional product descriptions can be very off putting and make you seem unreliable.


With a good clear layout and template it is much easier to replicate your description for other products. Look into competitors for inspiration and try multiple drafts until you find one you like. Have a good balance of readability and SEO.

grammarly writing eCommerce product description

Let us know which tips you found helpful below.

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