White Background Jewellery Photography Alternatives

White background jewellery photography provides a great way to showcase your jewellery products so your business can sell them online. It is possible to make a webpage appear bland if you use only white background jewellery photography. In this blog, we’ll look at how to show off your jewellery product and set yourself apart from the competition, with photography alternatives.


Lifestyle Jewellery Photography

Lifestyle photography is one of the most popular photography alternatives to white background jewellery photography. As an example, you can display your jewellery in its natural environment, such as on a vanity table or in your bedroom. You can also display your jewellery with props that reflect its theme.

Like the photos below, lifestyle products can also express a unique manufacturing process. If your jewellery has a unique selling point, your photographer will help you showcase it in the best light.


Product Videos

You can showcase your jewellery products in great detail using videography. In addition, videography shows off the stones and metals used in the jewellery catch the light, which still jewellery photography would neglect to do.

Jewellery product videography allows online customers to have an immersive viewing experience you have when shopping in-store, making it perfect for eCommerce use. The motion of video also makes your jewellery stand out on a webpage since it catches the attention of your customer. You will gain more exposure through videos than your competitors as a result. Videos are also great content to share on social media like Tiktok and Instagram.

Colour backdrop Jewellery Photography

Google shopping is jam packed with a boring aray of repetitive white background photography. When taking initial product photos, it is always best to use a white background. It is hard to focus on the product in photos with many props and a colourful background, so they can be ignored. These are best saved for additional photos) However, using a colourful backdrop can help you stand out.

Use colours to ensure you get the best reaction from your customers. You can really influence how your customers react using colour. If your jewellery is intended for weddings or engagements, for example, pale pink relates to love and romance and complements silver and gold perfectly. You should research which colours would work best for your jewellery. This article on colour psychology is a super helpful guide we use when shooting.

Model Photography

Show how your jewellery fits or interacts with other pieces within a collection. Model photography can also give guidance on how to pair the pieces with clothing or what sort of outfit it is designed to be worn with. Model photography also illustrates the sizing much more easily, like how long a necklace is and where the pendant will sit, or how dangly earrings hang. It can bring your pieces to life in a way that white background isn’t able to.

model photography as a white background photography alternatives by MO STUDIOS

360 Degree photography

Perhaps a more daring approach, 360 degree is a fabulous alternative to shopping in person. 360 allows your customer to view a piece from every angle just like they couldve in a brick and mortar setting. This offers a more interactive shopping experience that no other alternative can beat. The ability to rotate the item will wow customers too. 

There are various photography alternatives for your eCommerce site. So it can be daunting to figure out which option suits your company best. MO STUDIOS are a jewellery photography studio that offers a range of photography and videography services tailor-made to suit your goals. MO STUDIOS will be delighted to help discuss your ideas and bring them to reality. Get in contact here.

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