How To Create The Perfect Gift Guide For Your Customers

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A gift guide provides a versatile method to advertise your products to your potential buyers in a helpful manner. Gift guides are useful in so many ways, you can share them in social media campaigns, put them in place of blog posts around the holidays or have them sent out as newsletters straight to customers inboxes.

Customer profiles

Put together potential customer profiles. Who are your products aimed at? Create subcatagories to explore potential customers in depth. Narrow it down by age, gender, interests and even price brackets.  

Themed Lifestyle Photography

Utilise those old Christmas decorations and make some themed product shoots. These will provide brilliant content for social media around the holidays and will allow you to show off your products for the gift guide. Professional photography is key.

Get Creative with graphics 

There are so many tools out our fingertips nowadays as technology advances. Some are even free to use like Canva or Adobe illustrator for a more professional effect. Make your gift guide stand out with attractive visuals. 

Canva Gift guide

Get ahead of the game

Use a calendar and plan out which holidays apply best to your product. You can use the customer profiles we discussed earlier to narrow down which ones you can use. Also make notes of what countries you sell to, to ensure you get the correct dates, as dates like mothers day is celebrated on different days in the UK and USA. 

Be sure to contact your product photographer well ahead of time too, this way you can make the most out of fitting your content around your photos, especially when busy periods hit.

You’ll also want to be ahead of the curve and make sure you’re making your gift guide in advance so they can be put out to your customers with plenty of time to make purchases that will arrive on time for the holidays mentioned. 

Be budget friendly

There are plenty of different reasons budgets may differ for your customer audience. Perhaps their budget is higher because they are buying for someone close to them, alternately they could be looking for an inexpensive Secret Santa/White elephant gift for someone they do not know very well. It’s important you stress the variation of price options on your online store. 


Think of unique ways to present gifts

It’s time to use those customer profiles again and look into our gift givers this time instead of our gift recievers. There are many ways you can put together and present a gift guide. Here is a list of some of your options:

  • Printed pamphlet
  • Blog post
  • Newsletter
  • Interactive quiz
  • PDF Pamphlet
  • Instagram Carosel post 
  • Tiktok Video 

Don’t limit your business to one format either, the more options the more accessible the gift guide is to your audience. 

Use gift guides to market your products effectively and they will become an invaluable tool.

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