Editing: How can photoshop give you that boost?

You’ll never get the perfect image in camera. Editing is vital to ensuring your images are the best quality they can be. Editing can save you a lot of precious time too. This blog will expand on just how beneficial editing can be to give your eCommerce images that much needed boost.

Editing out Minor Imperfections

The camera will pick up dust and debris so tiny it is invisible to the naked eye, decreasing the quality of your images. Especially with jewellery photography as the pieces are so small. As a result, this can be very frustrating for photographers and editors. Editing your photos allows you to smooth out any imperfections that cannot be removed in post, this could also be scratches caused by transport or stains. Thanks to the spot healing tool or a dust and scratches filter, you can improve the quality of your images very easily. There are many detailed tutorials on Youtube or WikiHow to get you started.

photo editing


Occasionally, the camera won’t pick up the intended colours you want to show, this could be due to lighting or even the characteristics of the fabric. Thanks to Photoshop, you can adjust colours using sliders and filters in order to get the desired result. Or change the colour entirely, this can be useful to getting consistent photos of different colour variations of the same product. For example, maybe there is an element in your shot that is red, but you want it to be blue. Through Photoshop, it is simple to adjust that aspect individually.


Editing the Background

Perhaps the subject in your photo isn’t in the intended location you desire, or a white background may work better instead. By using the pen tool, you can cut out the subject, and place it in an alternate location thanks to photo editing.

edited background

Creating visual art

You can create images that you can’t create in front of the camera. Professional graphic designers create art using editing software like Photoshop & Illustrator. For example, Photoshop can add fantasy or illustrations to create unique and eye-catching artwork from a photograph. Also, Photoshop lets you merge photos to create exciting art.

surreal photo editing

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