What are e-commerce product videos and why are they important?

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Video usage on the internet has grown substantially over the last few years. Moreover, the increased use of videos is likely to continue with social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Why are videos important for your business?

Thanks to the Covid pandemic, shopping habits have changed as more people shop online. Therefore, if your goal is to maintain and increase your business’ sales revenues, you must update your e-commerce date with updates your customers expect to see. For example, research showcases that customers want to see more clips.

  1. 54% of consumers want more video content from a brand or business (HubSpot, 2018)
  2. 68% of marketers say video provides a better return on investment than Google Ads. (Biteable, 2020)
  3. Video ads were the #1-way consumers discovered a brand they later purchased products from (Animoto, 2020)

If you’re still not convinced, an excellent example of how video marketing can transform your business is Dollar Shave Club. Dollar Shave Club produced a video in 2012 that went viral, and the business grew into a billion-dollar brand. In addition, the Dollar Shave Club video on Youtube now has over 27 million views!

What are product videos?

There are several types of e-commerce clips which we will explain below:

How-to videos

How-to videos (also known as explainer videos or tutorials) help your customers use a product or service you provide. Tutorials can vary in terms of length and complexity depending on the nature of the product or service. Product or service how-to videos can be presented, narrated or kept very simple with a few clips of the product/service being used. Here are a few examples of how-to clips:

Adobe: How to create an animated GIF in Photoshop

Herschel Supply: Travel Backpack Tutorial

Product-in-context videos

Product-in-context videos are usually short and show a montage of clips with the product or service used in real-life situations. People featured in the videos are usually actors or models. Still, they could even feature well-known celebrities who endorse the brand for more prominent brands with bigger budgets. Including Product-in-context clips on your website and social media is perfect and can help attract more customers and purchases. For example, look at the videos below, which are good demonstrations of product-in-context videos.

Tag Heuer: New Collection

Specialized Bicycles: Chelsea Kimball x Kenevo SL

Close-up videos

For products all about style, design and appearance, such as jewellery, clothing and food, close-up videos are a perfect way to allow your customers to see every detail. A studio setting where an operator can carefully control the lighting and movement of the object and camera is ideal for shooting close-up videography. These clips work exceptionally well alongside your product photography on the product page for each item.

Tiffany and Co: Diamond Ring

McDonald’s: Big Mac

Essential factors to consider when making videos

Who is your audience?

Understanding your target audience and your product video’s target audience is essential. This is because aiming for an intended target audience will determine many aspects of your video, such as the type of video, duration and other creative elements to include in your video. For example, the target audience for a high-end jewellery brand is likely to expect a more stylish and classy style instead of a style of video content associated with an audience for children’s toys.

Where will it be posted?

There are many different platforms available to publish your content, and they all operate slightly differently, which will impact how your business should produce your e-commerce videos. For example, YouTube suits longer videos, whereas Instagram and TikTok are better for short videos of less than 1 minute. In addition, filming in portrait is becoming more popular on social media because they can occupy more screen space on mobile phones.

Who will make your videos?

It is possible to make product videos yourself with a mobile phone and upload them to your preferred platform. Thanks to improvements in technology, the camera quality of the latest mobile phones is excellent, but there are many more technical considerations to consider when making a video. You should consider audio, lighting, composition, graphics, music and editing as these elements make a big difference in the overall quality.

Unless you are a skilled videographer, we recommend to hire a professional videographer to make sure you leave a positive impression with your customers who watch the videos you produce.

Final thoughts

Videography is becoming more and more critical for businesses in the modern world to display products more dynamically and connect emotionally with customers. People’s expectations are changing, they want to see more e-commerce clips on websites and social media, so can you afford to fall behind.

There are a few different e-commerce videos, including tutorials, product-in-context videos and close-up videos. The type of video you choose will depend on the product or service you are providing, the intended audience and the platforms you choose to publish on, so it’s essential to think carefully before getting started.

If you get your video content right, who knows, you could be the next Dollar Shave Club. A company with millions of views on YouTube.

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